Instilling a Sense of Wonder and Responsibility for the Natural World

As Catholics we believe that the earth belongs to the Lord. Acknowledging this truth, we accept that God’s creation and all His creatures on Earth have an inherent value beyond a utility or usefulness for human beings. We are called to respect the integrity of creation: to live in harmony with all of creation, not to exploit what we can for our own self-interest.

How we live on God’s earth cannot be disconnected by how we live in community as social beings. If we are to sustain ourselves in authentic development and community, we must maintain a healthy environment and establish a beneficial economy for all. Social, economic and environmental justice becomes one.

To serve the greater glory of God means to be responsible stewards of creation while serving and caring for one another. To serve the common good of all is to be in harmony with God as co-creators. Just as God sees us as one community, His sons and daughters, we should see the web of life as one — and each of us as caring stewards.

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