We Have Exceeded our $2,500,000 Goal! Thank You!

The Sowing Seeds Campaign has done as promised: sown many seeds! Through the faithfulness of many new and existing CRL supporters, the success of the Sowing Seeds Campaign has allowed us to start on several new initiatives:

  1.  Publish and distribute Vocation of the Agricultural Leader
  2.  Expand our Life in Christ lay leadership program into several more parishes and parish clusters
  3.  Provide scholarships for qualified Native American students living in rural communities
  4.  Publish and distribute our Rural Life Celebration Handbooks
  5.  Build membership across the country

We began this campaign in July, 2013. Since then, those who have been committed to our mission of applying the teachings of the Church to the rural countryside have come from across 48 states, including 124 arch/dioceses, 48 men and women religious orders, and hundreds of individual CRL members. We are grateful for each gift and for the inspired support that helped us exceed our goal of $2.5 million! Thank you!

If you did not get a chance to donate to the campaign, you still have an opportunity to support our mission to advocate, educate and inspire, by becoming a member! Become a member here.