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Summer Magazine Focuses on Faith and Ecology

Catholic Rural Life • September 17, 2014

Summer Magazine Focuses on Faith and Ecology

The issue features both lofty principles and practical examples

Many may know that the Catholic Church is active in modern convesrations concerning climate change, sustainability, and other environmental issues–but where do the Church’s teachings on these matters come from? Are they new additions or are they part of a long legacy of Catholic tradition?

That’s the question that CRL’s Summer 2014 magazine attempts to answer. Entitled “Faith and Ecology: Why We Care for Creation,” this latest issue is now available.

The featured article, “Francis to Francis: The Continuity of Catholic Ecology,” takes a look at the Church’s teaching concerning the environment, the created order, and good stewardship. The article makes the point that the Catholic understanding of ecology has been largely consistent from the time of St. Francis of Assisi to Pope Francis today, but the truth is that it’s at the roots of the entire faith. This article expounds on just what these sources are, clearly making the case that the Church’s present-day emphasis on environmental issues is actually a return to Catholic teaching, not a departure from it.

But rather than leave Catholic ecology at the level of abstract concepts, our next article seeks to highlight real-life examples of Catholics living these faith principles out in their everyday lives. Entitled “Ecology in Action,” this piece profiles a diverse range of people, from Franciscan sisters in Ohio to a college professor in Virginia. The message, however, is clear: no matter where you are or what you do, you can take small steps to live a life consistent with the Chuch’s teaching on the stewardship of creation.

In addition to these feature articles, the magazine includes several other excellent selections. Dan DiLeo with the Catholic Cimate Covenant pens an excellent essay that connects ecological concerns with solidarity for the poor, while CRL’s own Bob Gronski makes a compelling case for the revival of an authentically “agrarian spirit.” Given the theme of this issue, the Summer 2014 magazine is also one of the most visually compelling pieces we’ve produced yet!

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