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Writing Your Proposal/Video Resources

Catholic Rural Life • February 8, 2013

Writing Your Proposal/Video Resources


We have collected a variety of resources to help you write a strong and concise proposal.  At any point in the process, you are encouraged to contact NCRLC staff to review your application.

James Ennis, Executive Director – James Ennis, phone: 651-962-5956

Beth Hyser, Development Coordinator – Beth Hyser, phone: 651-962-5955.  

CCHD Application Forms

The CCHD applications are filled out and submitted in an on-line format. The pre-application is available September 1 with applications due by Nov. 1. You will be able to cut/paste into the CCHD on-line application.  Please save your work with a typical font and no extra formatting. The application allows groups to save and return to your application if needed. Groups will need to start by creating an account.  There is a PowerPoint slideshow with specific instructions for the on-line pre-application and full applications.

The pre-application can be found at CCHD Grants. You will need to select either the Community Development or Economic Development headings. Next, select Pre-Application from the topics list and that will lead you to the on-line application process. You will be asked to create an account and will need your organization’s Employment Identification Number. 

How to Apply On-Line(ppt) 

Guide for CCHD Grant Applications(pdf)

It is also important to be clear about the terms used by CCHD.  Please find the link here – Terms Used in CCHD Grants.

Basic Grant Writing – Formats/Content

Please refer to the following websites for general information about grant writing.  You might also check for grant writing resources with your local/state Council of Nonprofits, United Way, Council on Foundations, etc.…

Foundation Center Free Webinar – Grant Writing

Foundation Center – Free – Short Course Grant Writing Text

Minnesota Council on Foundations – Grant Resources

Minnesota Council on Foundations – Writing a Grant Proposal

Best Practices for Nonprofits

Starting a nonprofit? This webpage by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is a good place to start. It walks through the state and local process of starting a nonprofit. Check with your state attorney general’s office for specific requirements.

Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence – This article offers a good overview of best practices that nonprofit boards, directors, and staff need to succeed. It has one to two page sections on governance, planning, fundraising, financial management, transparency and accountability, human resources, civic engagement and public policy, strategic alliances, and evaluation.

CCHD Video Resources

These webinars are prerecorded. You can not interact with the presenters. You can stop or replay the video at any time.

In some cases, the webinar window may change size or otherwise move around. That’s not your computer, that’s the recording. You can view these Flash videos with any browser. (You might need to update your browser’s Flash player.)

Understand CCHD’s Economic Development Grant Program —

How to Apply for a CCHD Grant — recorded August 2011. Overview of the CCHD application process, beginning with the pre-application and ending with what to expect if awarded a grant.


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