CRL Staff

“I work at CRL because it is where I can live out my passion for Christ and His Church and also get to work with farmers and ranchers from around the country. The Catholic Church affirms all who are involved in agricultural production and who help bring food to our tables. I have been working with farmers and ranchers for over 25 years, and for the last 15 years with CRL! It’s a blessing to combine my faith and interest in food, agriculture and the environment.

I feel a tremendous responsibility to be a good steward of the organization and to help CRL serve the rural Church in ways that can inspire the next generation of men and women to take their faith in Christ seriously and to use their gifts and talents for the glory of God and for the good of their communities.”

James Ennis, Executive Director 

“It is easy to miss the intimate relationship between creation – the land we cultivate – and the Catholic faith. They are so connected! God created the world and we are now its stewards. Living most of my life in urban and suburban areas, my parents took care to educate my siblings and I about life beyond our own reality. Both sets of my grandparents farmed, a vocation which I greatly respect and admire.

Interacting with our members and donors is a privilege – without them, CRL couldn’t support, inform, and promote rural Catholic communities in America. God’s economy of grace is always at work showing us that it is worthwhile to trust in Him and be good stewards of the gifts he gives us! It’s a joy to be part of.”

Kate Gapp, Director of Development 

“Growing up in a rural, agricultural town, I’ve seen the need for additional efforts to spread the Gospel and build up Catholic culture in rural America. I want to help spread the Gospel in rural places like where I came from.

I love working with priests in the Thriving in Rural Ministry program and with our local CRL Chapter leaders across the country. Rural life is a beautiful calling; to steward the land and cooperate with God in work and in ministry. When we build up Catholic culture and dedicate our work to God in rural places, it elevates and returns to God the gifts He has given us.”

Tim Streiff, Program Manager

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