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Native American Scholarships and Outreach

Earl & Kathy Hoagland Sacred Manoomin Scholarship Fund

The Earl and Kathy Hoagland Sacred Manoomin Scholarship Fund is committed to supporting ongoing efforts of Native Americans in Minnesota to gain academic expertise in their effort to preserve manoomin (wild rice) in its natural state as found in lakes, rivers, and streams.

The manoomin (wild rice) has been hand harvested from Minnesota’s lakes and rivers by traditional methods that go back many generations. It holds a unique and sacred place in Native American traditions.

“We consider it to be sacred, because it’s a gift from the creator,” said the late White Earth Elder Earl Hoagland. “It was foretold in our prophecies that as the ice melted we were to move westward and food would be provided for us on the water. And that’s what happened. Manoomin is the food that grows upon the water. When we moved into the Wisconsin, Minnesota areas that rice was already there, growing. Manoomin is a living entity that has its own unique spirit. As Anishinaabe people, we have a responsibility to respect that spirit and to care for it. As we protect the manoomin, the manoomin protects us and gives us health.”

Earl and his wife Kathy devoted their lives to working together with many communities in revitalizing the sacred relationship between people and manoomin. They both support education as an important way to strengthen these spiritual and cultural traditions.

Why a scholarship?

The Earl and Kathy Hoagland Sacred Manoomin Scholarship Fund seeks to fund students interested in deepening their understanding of manoomin and furthering their ability to appreciate and protect its integrity.

Who may apply?

Native American students who wish to participate in a conference, seminar, workshop, class, or event that supports the effort to preserve the manoomin in Minnesota may apply for this scholarship.

How can I apply?

After reviewing the eligibility requirements below, fill out and submit the online scholarship application. You will receive acknowledgement that we’ve received your application within 48 hours of its receipt, and a notification of the decision to your application within four weeks from the date of receipt of the application.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be of Native American descent.

2. Must be enrolled at an accredited institution of higher learning in Minnesota (includes Community or Tribal Colleges).

3. Deadline for submission: At least six weeks prior to date of requested event.

Application Process and Instructions

1. Submit your application using the online scholarship application.

2. Applicant will receive an email notification of receipt of application within 48 hours.

3. Fund committee will review application.

4. Notification of decision. Allow four weeks for an email response to application.

5. If your scholarship is approved, you must submit a written paper about your experience after the event you received funding for.

If you have questions, please contact (651) 444-8710 or

To view a promotional poster for the scholarship that can be printed off and shared, click here.

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