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Agriculture: Food for All

Agriculture: Food for All

Catholic Rural Life collaborates with many faith, family farm and sustainable agriculture groups to advocate for a fair and just federal policy related to farm, food and environmental issue. (See below for our main coalition partners.)
farmandsilosA great deal of our work is devoted to the Farm Bill that comes up for review and reauthorization every five years or so. The Farm Bill is notable for providing support to farmers, encouraging important conservation practices, maintaing rural development programs and funding essential nutrition and food assistance programs, both domestically and internationally.
We were pleased with some parts of the 2014 bill, but concerned about other parts: not surprising for a complex piece of legislation that has many groups and political forces pushing it in many directions at once.
We will stay focused on the Farm Bill, including annual appropriations for its various programs, because this shapes the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of American farms and our food system.
We invite you to stay informed and engaged as well: public awareness and participation in this policy-making process paves the way for necessary reforms in the future.

Coalition Advocacy

As many of our long-time members know, we partner with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, which is a coalition of family farm and conservation groups from around the country.

CRL also coordinates advocacy actions with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA.

Together we are striving to reform and construct policies and programs that truly support our small and mid-sized farms, protect and conserve our natural resources and environment, and breathe new life into our rural communities.


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