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Eating is a Moral Act

It is our human responsibility to grow what is good to eat and eat what is good to grow…  

Do you know where your food comes from?

Have you ever asked a child: “Where does your food come from?” More often than not, they will reply, “the store.”

Why is this is an issue?

  1. We have lost touch with the origin of our food—the land and animals that give us nourishment and the hands of the farmers and ranchers who grow and care for them.
  2. The connection to the origin of our food was commonplace before the advent of the modern food system.
  3. This system separates us from the land, and it sometimes leads to poor treatment of our resources and those who care for them.
  4. Nutritious foods, healthy soils and humane treatment of livestock and poultry—often fall to the wayside as aggressive practices by producers, processors, and distributors seek to minimize cost and maximize profit.
  5. Farmers and farmworkers sometimes feel the hard hand of these aggressive practices.

Eating is a Moral Act

Eating is a moral act because so much depends upon growing what is good to eat and eating what is good to grow. As eaters, we should be aware of where our food comes from: Who grew it and where? How were the workers treated? How were the animals and land treated?

Our Eating is a Moral Act Initiative advocates for the rights of both growers and eaters and educates the public on how to make small changes every day to grow in awareness of the connections between us and the origin of our food.

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