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Honor a loved one, a special saint, your pastor or someone who has had a particular impact in your life. In the ‘Comment/Note’ box, share the person’s name and why you are honoring them (optional). We will send them or their family a card and publish your honoring here.

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Memorial Gift: Remembering Rev. John L.R. Hallemann 1929-2017

Retired parish pastor and former rural life director of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Rev. John L.R. Hallemann was an active member of CRL up to his death. A gift to CRL was made in his honor. He was a fourth-degree Knights of Columbus and member of the Washington Elks Lodge. He served with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and was an advocate for family farms. “The family farm teaches a sense of responsibility; you can learn from nature”, Rev. John Hallemann said. He loved the outdoors and was an avid fisherman and hunter.

Memorial Gift: Remembering Peter Edward Schuster 1939-2016

Peter Schuster was a long time member of CRL. In 1960 he took over his family farm. He and his wife, Joy are from Glentana, Montana. A gift to CRL was made in Schuster’s honor. Peter was a farmer at heart, a loving family man, and a faithful Catholic. He was especially devoted to making sure no one went hungry.

Memorial Gift: Remembering Fr. Leonard Kayser

Mother of God Monastery of Watertown, SD remembers Fr. Leonard Kayser of Yankton, SD by a generous gift to CRL.

Given by Mother of God Monastery

Tribute: In honor of Martin Salm

Sr. Bernadette Salm honors Martin Salm by a generous gift to CRL.

Given by Sr. Bernadette Salm

Tribute: In honor of Peter Marcel Graff

Todd Graff remembers his father Peter Marcel Graff: “My dad grew up on a farm and always maintained his ties to the land by farming part time while working as a banker in McCook, Nebraska for 50+ years. He was a lifelong and faithful Catholic, and a man of deep faith. He had a great love and respect for the rural community in which we lived, for the land he farmed and the livestock he raised, and for all of God’s creation.  This gift to Catholic Rural Life, which so clearly supports these same values he held so dear, is a way to remember and honor him and his legacy.”

Given by Todd Graff

Tribute: In honor of Helen Keveney

Bob and Rita Mailander remember Helen Keveney, the former Catholic Rural Life Director for the Archdiocese of Denver, Colo., by a generous gift to CRL.

Given by Bob & Rita Mailander

Tribute: In honor of Father Randy Schon

“Father Randy, we know this entity (CRL) is near and dear to your heart.  Please accept this gift in honor of your loyal service to us, your staff.”

Given by the Church of the Sacred Heart Parish Staff

Honorarium: In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund and Carol White

Gladys Stenger honors her son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund and Carol White, by her generous gift to CRL.

Given by Gladys Stenger

Memorial Gift: Remembering Leo Francis & Lucile ElDoris (Torkelson) Dromey

Leo and Lucile Dromey were pioneer farmers in Blunt, South Dakota. They worked very hard to create a simple life for the family, growing grains and animals on the prairie.  Their daughter, Leona Frances Dromey, remembers them and carries their legacy with love and pride.  “I am thankful and proud to have had this extraordinary couple as my parents. What they handed down to me was not silver or gold, but they taught me values of stewardship of the land and that all of it is a gift from God.”

In honor of her parents, Leona shares the legacy of her parents with CRL.  “This gift is in memory of my parents and their loving Christian example.”

Given by Leona Frances Dromey

Memorial Gift: Remembering Mary Jean Schlegel

Vernon L. Dahlheimer remembers his interest in the work of CRL growing out of meeting Msgr. Luigi Ligutti on two separate occasions, in Milwaukee, Wis., and in Rome, Italy over 60 years ago.  Since then, he has continued to support CRL and it is his pleasure to give this memorial gift.

“This gift is in memory of Mary Jean Schlegel who was an active supporter of your kind of work.”

Given by Vern Dahlheimer

Memorial Gift: Remembering Frank DeBacker

Paul Stankewitz and the Michigan Catholic Rural Life Coalition remember Frank DeBacker of St. Clair, MI by a generous gift to CRL.

Given by Paul Stankewitz and the Michigan Catholic Rural Life Coalition

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