Thriving in Rural Ministry

CRL is launching a new program Thriving in Rural Ministry. The purpose of the program is to strengthen pastoral leadership in rural parishes, and to help pastors thrive in their rural communities. The program will support rural pastors who want to strengthen their pastoral leadership skills as well as join a community of pastors who want to thrive in rural ministry. The regional focus of retreats and ongoing support will be customized to address these regional differences.

Specifically, CRL will create fraternal time and community space among Catholic rural pastors through a retreat format designed to foster a vision of “the vocation of rural ministry” by providing theological formation and renewal, exemplars of effective rural ministry, and an on-going network of rural fraternity and relationship.

Thriving in Rural Ministry will begin with an extensive survey of the bishops and priest leaders in rural areas to determine the needs of rural ministry, effective practices and the interest levels on the part of bishops and priests in developing a retreat experience. The retreat experience will provide the initial elements of theological and spiritual renewal, encounters with effective pastoral leaders, and opportunities to rest, refresh and renew one’s commitment to the unique vocation of rural ministry.

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Read the program Press Release here.

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