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Faith-Based Study Guide on Climate Change

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and your faith as well as what you can do to make amends with the earth?

Our Faith-Based Study Guide on Climate Change is a document that can walk you through Global Climate Change using a step by step reflective methodology called Shared Christian Praxis.

Educational Objective #1:

“Discern what God is calling you to do to improve your relationships with God, other people, and God’s creation in the context of global climate change.”

This process concludes by outlining the dimensions for future actions – by an individual, a group or an entire community with the goal being to change attitudes and behaviors on behalf of solidarity with the world and the care of God’s creation.

Download the entire study guide for free here.

Forward: A Call to Action

Movement 1: Experiencing Life

Movement 2: Reflecting Together

Movement 3: Discovering the Faith Story

Movement 4: Owning the Faith

Movement 5: Responding in Faith

Movement 6: Shared Christian Praxis and Appendix

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