American farmers provide significant amounts of agricultural commodities for our domestic consumption as well as export markets. The United States, both our government and through private charities, are widely known for our generosity in supplying food aid to poor or stricken countries overseas.

But hunger in the United States and around the world persists. Many people – including too many children – go hungry everyday. So how is it that great quantities of food are produced, and yet one-sixth of the world’s population goes hungry?

A Call for Action: Start a Study Group

We can fight hunger by making smarter investments in sustainable agriculture. We must do more to enable poor communities to access the resources they need to grow and secure their own food.

As a first step, learn more about the issues:

Food Security and Economic Justice: A Faith-Based Study Guide on Poverty and Hunger

Once we understand the situation of hunger and poverty, then we can begin to act according to the dictates of our faith tradition. Our study guide offers a process for discerning that call to act – and then identifies various actions that individuals and church groups can take.

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