Thriving in Rural Ministry FAQ

1. Who can attend a Thriving in Rural Ministry retreat?

Currently, retreats are only offered for Catholic priests who are currently serving in a rural parish or anticipate doing so soon.

2. What does the schedule look like for the retreat?

You can view a sample retreat schedule here.

3. How much does the retreat cost?

The current cost of the retreat is $280. The cost of these first several retreats has been highly subsidized by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment and other benefactors committed to rural Catholic life. We ask for $280 to defray additional retreat expenses. Covered expenses include pre-retreat assessment tools, lodging, meals, materials, and participation in post-retreat virtual cohort meetings. Transportation to the retreat center is the responsibility of each priest (or his parish or diocese).

4. Do you provide any financial assistance to come on the retreat?

Yes, through a special collaboration between CRL and Catholic Home Missions, travel and replacement expenses incurred by priests serving in mission dioceses are reimbursable up to a certain amount per diocese. This is in addition to any other support your diocese may receive from CHM.

5. What are the upcoming dates and how do I register?

To see the upcoming retreat dates and register for a retreat, click here!

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