Catholics Call on Congress to Protect Poor and Vulnerable

By Catholic Rural Life on February 8, 2013

Catholics Call on Congress to Protect Poor and Vulnerable

In February, more than 300 Catholic social ministry leaders from around the country visited Capitol Hill to speak out for social justice and the dignity of the poor and vulnerable. NCRLC was proud to be part of this Catholic gathering and we continue to join efforts and raise our voice by contacting our U.S. Representatives and Senators with this message:
“Do not make disproportionate cuts in programs that serve the most vulnerable. It is morally unacceptable for our nation to balance its budget on the backs of the poor at home and abroad.”
Two important points were stressed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
1) In a time of economic crisis, the poor and vulnerable in our nation are in greater need of assistance, not less. Preserving the national security of the country is without doubt imperative, but we cannot secure the nation while at the same time furthering the insecurity of the poor and vulnerable in our midst.
2) Preserve poverty-focused development and humanitarian assistance. In the FY 2011 President’s request, poverty-focused international assistance totals $20.25 billion, only 0.6% of the federal budget and only one-third of all U.S. international assistance to the developing world; the House Continuing Resolution cuts these programs by 26%.
Current proposals by the U.S. House of Representatives call for nearly $60 billion in disproportionate reductions in non-security related programs that serve the poor and vulnerable.
Now it is the Senate’s turn to debate and vote on this year’s spending bill: Tell them that it is morally unacceptable for our nation to balance the federal budget on the backs of poor people at home and overseas.
Click here to learn more at the Action Alert website of Catholic Relief Services. There you can send a message to your senators. Our plea is simple: Put the poor and vulnerable first as you consider how to spend limited federal resources.
{You can locate your the phone numbers and emails of your senators by visiting}


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