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MagazinesForward to the Land: Rural Life Movement Among the Young (Fall 2021)

Forward to the Land: Rural Life Movement Among the Young (Fall 2021)

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather, the beautiful colors of the leaves, hot and steamy soup for dinner, and of course, football. Recently, my family was able to savor all of these things on a week’s getaway to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We were fully immersed in rural life, having to drive 11 miles of winding gravel roads just to get to our cabin, periodically stopping so that free-range cattle could cross the road. My children loved the beautiful landscape and the deer in our front yard every morning.

In this issue, we see many families choosing to move to the country precisely for the life they want to give their children. They view their move back to the land as a step forward toward a more wholesome and grounded life, one that is in-tune with their creator. We see a couple marvel at how all 10 of their children chose an agricultural life, something very unheard of today! We also see how God is more powerful than a family land dispute, bringing healing and peace to a family. There’s the beautiful story of a woman and her horse, and how the horse turned her into a morning person. And finally, for anyone who is thinking about farming, we have included a 10-step guide to making the leap.

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