MagazinesRural Religious: Gift to the Universal Church (Summer 2021)

Rural Religious: Gift to the Universal Church (Summer 2021)

By now the summer is drawing to a close and the harvest is once again at hand. Hopefully the drought won’t drastically diminish the fruits of the hard work so many of our farmers and ranchers have put in this season. I know so many prayers are being offered to God on behalf of those who grow our food. Many of those prayers are coming from the hearts and lips of religious men and women throughout the country. It’s no wonder that many of these monks and sisters live in monasteries that are located in remote, rural locations, where silence and the beauty of God’s creation enhances their connection with the divine. (…)

In this issue, we give tribute to rural religious across America. While often living hidden lives, they are an immeasurable gift to the church throughout the world. As you read these stories, I hope you give thanks for these men and women who are tucked away and living close to the land, praying day and night for you and me in service to the universal church. May we also offer up a prayer for them, that the Lord will sustain them in their vocation and that many more will respond to the call to give up their lives to follow him.

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