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Prayer of a Rural Family

Catholic Rural Life • March 20, 2023


The following prayer is from the CRL Rural Life Prayer Book, originally published in 1956. 

Wise and compassionate God, accept this our prayer; sheltered from storm and darkness, under this roof, This family kneels to adore you. For the day just past, for keeping us safely, body and soul, 

Now we most humbly thank you. For hilltops and verdure, for sunlight and wind and boundless space,  for rain and the sky’s rich color, for boughs and blossoms and cold clean snow,

we are eternally grateful. For birds and beasts, For the good black earth and the seeds producing the plenteous harvest; for times without number  when we have eaten of that same harvest, we thank you and bless you forever.

Deliver us safely, if such be your will, from deluge and drought, from famine and war and disaster. Give us tomorrow, as yesterday and today, all things most needed for rightful living; and move our hearts that we may have sorrow for sinning against you.

God of the hearth and the harvest, your children, here kneeling, adore you. Bless now our rest and cherish us safe till the morrow. Amen.

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