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10 Reasons to Nominate Someone in Your Community for a Recognition Award

Morgan Smith • May 23, 2017


Did you know that CRL has two recognition awards that it presents to outstanding rural community members? We love our members, and they are a valuable part of our organization and ministry. We wanted to recognize exemplary members who are doing good works in their communities, so in 2011, we created two national recognition awards.

The Isidore and Maria Exemplary Award

The Isidore and Maria Award is given to Catholic Rural Life members whose work through the tradition of Catholic teaching has led to significant progress toward greater social justice and dignity for rural families and communities.

This award honors a rural couple who exemplify fidelity to a vision and vocation of rural life, which combines family, stewardship and faith.

Isidore and Maria are the patron saints of Catholic Rural Life. They were a prayerful couple, devoted to the Eucharist, served those in need and loved the work of the earth.

 The Archbishop O’Hara Advocacy Award for Rural Ministry

The Archbishop O’Hara award honors a leader who is an advocate for rural communities and social justice in the spirit and tradition of Archbishop Edwin V. O’Hara (1881-1956) who founded Catholic Rural Life in 1923.

As a priest, O’Hara was passionate about rural life, social justice and the spiritual formation of Catholics. He eventually became the Archbishop of Kansas City and was a creative, original voice in the American Church whose legacy continues in the voices of leaders befitting this award.

Why should you nominate someone for an award?

10 Reasons to Nominate Someone in Your Community for a Recognition Award

Nominating someone:

  1. Gives an opportunity to nominate someone wonderful.
  2. Is an act of love that benefits the whole community.
  3. Expresses your gratitude for their work.
  4. Helps them to know they are making a difference in the lives of others.
  5. Brings positive attention to your community.
  6. Brings awareness to the needs of your community.
  7. Brings awareness to the good works being done in your community.
  8. Shows other communities a positive example to follow.
  9. Brings people in your community together for a common cause.
  10. Brings CRL members together as a community and gives everyone a wonderful excuse to celebrate!

Nominate someone wonderful today! See our dedicated webpage for more information and nomination instructions.

Hurry, the deadline for the Summer 2017 award nominations is May 31!


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