August Blessing: First Fruits

By Catholic Rural Life on August 4, 2016

Rural Outreach and Ministry

Calendar of Blessings

The Church sets aside feast days and liturgical days throughout the year to help us remember and celebrate our spiritual lives.

At Catholic Rural Life, we take particular interest in the cycles of nature and seek ways to unite the change of seasons with the constant Word of the liturgy.

To that end, we are putting together this series of blessings for each month of the year that highlights an aspect of rural life.

How to Use these Monthly Blessings

You can use a particiular blessing at any time of the given month — whatever day or time time works best for you and others.

These blessings may be used in a parish setting or other group settings. They offer the opportunity to bring to mind rural life and prayer. Parish uses may include parish meetings, bible study groups, and religious education sessions.

You may also want to use the blessings for family prayer, especially at a special meal.

These blessings may also be used for private prayer and reflection.

August’s blessing- for the first fruits, can be downloaded here (pgs. 1 & 4) and here (pgs. 2&3) .  We have created a four page booklet, suitable for double-sided printing for your personal and parish use.

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