Webinar: Encounter for Our Common Home

By Catholic Rural Life on July 25, 2023

Ethical Food and Agriculture

Food production is at its highest ever, but conventional agriculture has led to many challenges because there are less farmers, larger farms, topsoil depletion, contamination, and pollution.

Some farmers have felt the need to become more competitive, take shortcuts, and rely on tech. Though problems and challenges exist, many farmers are inspired by the ancient vocation of farming as seen in Genesis and the call to be a steward of the land. A lot of land grant universities do their best to get information out to farmers, and share best practices. Conservation, for example, can sometimes be labor intensive, but having the faith perspective can encourage action.

Jim Ennis, Executive Director of Catholic Rural Life, talks about the farm bill. He aims to answer critical questions currently affecting our rural communities, such as: How should we be talking about the farm bill to leaders like parish priests or bishops, who may not be the most knowledgeable on agricultural issues?

To hear his response Jim Ennis joins the webinar from minutes 10:10-26:15.

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