Faith, Food and Environment Webinar - Catholic Rural Life

Faith, Food and Environment Webinar

Catholic Rural Life • December 29, 2022

Ethical Food and Agriculture

Right now, our world faces an ongoing global pandemic, armed conflicts, climate change, chemical pollution, rising food prices, and the loss of food production land. The urgent need to build sustainable and responsible agricultural systems in the U.S. has never been more pressing.

Catholic Rural Life Executive Director, James F. Ennis, joined Ron Rosmann, Founder of Rosmann Family Farms, for a conversation aimed to answer critical environmental questions currently affecting our rural communities.  

  • Can our farming methods give back, as well as take, from creation? 
  • Can we rediscover a more intimate, conscious, and respectful relationship to Earth, its biodiversity, and its creatures? 
  • Can we organize economic enterprises in such a way to sustain us while also broadening our awareness of the ecological whole?  

A quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions comes from modern food production. Every day, life is harmed by the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Chemical pollution disproportionately impacts the health of farmers, farm workers, and rural communities across the world in addition to the significant effects of climate change. 
Learn how Catholic Rural Life supports the work of agricultural leaders for the glory of God and how one U.S. Catholic farmer is leading the way for new food production.  

Panelists: James F. Ennis, Executive Director, Catholic Rural Life; Ron Rosmann, Founder of Rosmann Family Farms, a 600-acre certified organic grain and livestock farm in Harlan, Iowa
Watch the Faith, Food and Environment Webinar here

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