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10 Reminders for Conscious Consumerism

Catholic Rural Life • October 20, 2021

Ethical Food and Agriculture

The news has been full of stories about supply chain issues, possible shortages, and inflation in recent days. In the midst of this, we want to share 10 reminders for conscious consumerism. These reminders are things you, as a consumer, can do that make a difference.

10 Reminders: 

  1. Pray for the Worker:
    From creation, distribution to delivery, remember to pray for all the human hands that have touched each product.
  2. Shop Locally:
    Whenever possible, support your local community and businesses.
  3. Look for Fair Trade Labels:
    Bananas, cotton, coffee, and chocolate are great products to start with.
  4. Research the Brand:
    Look up a company’s industry practices to make sure they are ethically sourcing and creating their products.
  5. Pray for Food Producers:
    Our farmers, farm workers, and those in agribusiness always need our prayers.
  6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
    Use these in the order listed. First reduce waste, reuse as much as you can and, once those two options are no longer available, then recycle.
  7. Shop Secondhand:
    Buy and sell secondhand whenever you can.
  8. Know the Sources of Your Food:
    Do you know where the food in your home came from?
  9. Repurpose Old Clothes:
    Ready to get rid of old clothing? Research if you can repurpose it or donate it.
  10. Recognize Human Dignity:
    Every person from the worker to producer to consumer has human dignity. Make sure to slow down and recognize the dignity of each person. “The Catholic Church proclaims that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society.” – USCCB

A Prayer for Conscious Consumption

Creator God, we thank you for our abundant opportunities to create as you have created, and support others in our communities who create. We love the gifts we have been given which allow us to support and care for one another through our works as you have cared for us. We ask you to be with those who do not have these opportunities, or lack the means to produce what they need. Help us to recognize the dignity of work and the humanity of the worker, especially those who produce the products we consume. Guide our thoughts and actions to care for our common home and grant us the wisdom to distinguish our wants from our needs. We thank you for all you have given us for we know that without you we would have nothing, you who provide all that is good. Amen.

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