Advocating for sustainable agriculture and nutritious food for all

Catholic Rural Life is a long-time advocate on behalf of family farmers and farm communities. Our advocacy work for fair and just federal policies on agriculture and nutrition programs — especially the Farm Bill — is highly regarded by family farmers and faith-based groups alike. As a representative of the Church, Catholic Rural Life strives to speak truth to power and join in solidarity with farmers, ranchers and producers whose generosity, graciousness and stewardship of the land serves the common good of all creation.

Through a program we call Faith, Food and the Environment, we collaborate with agricultural leaders and encourage them to make the connections between their faith and food production. Through resources like The Vocation of the Agricultural Leader, we call upon farm and food production leaders to be moral agents in the complex and competitive world of modern agriculture.

For Catholic Rural Life members and supporters in general, we provide educational and advocacy resources that help shape public policy and institute ethical agricultural practices. As a catalyst for social change, CRL works “for a new earth where righteousness dwells” (2 Peter 3:13).

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