First Local CRL Chapter in Texas!

Welcome to the newest Catholic Rural Life Chapter, CRL Victoria! This new chapter is the first in Texas and officially began its work in June. Bishop Brendan Cahill (middle) has appointed Father Stephen Vacek as Director (middle left) and Deacon Larry Hoelsher as Chairperson (left).

What is a local CRL Chapter?

As a national organization, we work with bishops, priests, and lay faithful to revitalize Catholic culture in rural dioceses across the country. A CRL Chapter includes all the members and friends of CRL in a particular diocese. The leadership of the chapter creates a Rural Life Committee at the request of a Bishop or with his support to collaborate with the diocese to serve the rural faithful in this mission.

Chapters of CRL are part of the national network of CRL members. Often using our resources, they work to promote, edify and celebrate the rich rural traditions of our faith in their local diocese and/or parishes.

Are you interested in connecting with or helping start a local CRL Chapter in your area? Please contact Peg Louiselle, Director of Development, for more information.