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Call to Political Action during August: Helping the Least Among Us

Catholic Rural Life • August 1, 2013

Call to Political Action during August: Helping the Least Among Us


During the summer recess, take action and urge your Representative and Senators to:

  • support Nutrition programs in the Farm Bill,
  • pass comprehensive Immigration Reform, and
  • support a Budget that helps struggling people in this economy.


♦ ​Click here for CALL TO ACTION from the U.S. Catholic Bishops.

Members of Congress will be in their home states and districts during the summer recess between August 5 and September 9. Please consider finding an opportunity during this time to urge members of Congress to promote human life and dignity in our nation’s agriculture, immigration and budget policies.

Although there are many important issues in our nation to face, we encourage you to take action on behalf of the least of us. In true Christian spirit, take action to ensure that food assistance programs for low-income families are protected, that bipartisan immigration reform passes, and that Congress supports a budget that protects poor and vulnerable people. More details as follows:


♦ Support the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP (or food stamps) is a crucial part of the Farm Bill. Cuts or structural changes to the program will harm poor and low-income families. This federal food assistance program helps relieve pressure on overwhelmed parishes, charities, food banks and other emergency food providers who struggle to meet the needs of hungry people.

Current Farm Bill situation: The pathway forward is uncertain. Congress could begin to negotiate the process to reauthorize the Farm Bill when they return in September. But given time constraints, Congress may instead choose to extend the Farm Bill for a short period of time before the current extension ends on September 30.

Click here for more about principles and priorities in the Farm Bill.


♦ Replace the sequester with a “Circle of Protection”

The sequester — the automatic across-the-board cuts to federal programs — is hurting people living in poverty. Cuts to programs such as Head Start and Meals on Wheels are keeping families from meeting their basic needs.

Remind your Senators and Representative that the federal budget is a moral document with human consequences. Congress needs to protect programs that help poor, unemployed and underemployed people still struggling in the recovering economy.

Click here for more about the Circle of Protection.


♦ Support bi-partisan comprehensive Immigration Reform

Urge Congress to pass bi-partisan immigration reform that preserves and protects family unity and provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented persons living in the United States.

Earlier this summer, the Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform legislation with significant bi-partisan support. The House of Representatives is currently considering whether to address immigration reform legislation that can provide significant relief to potentially millions of people and their families.

The House may consider immigration bills when they return to Washington in September. It is important for Representatives to hear from their constituents when they are home that there is support for bi-partisan immigration reform that keeps families together and creates a path to citizenship.

Click here for more about the campaign for Immigration Reform.


Take action during the summer recess!

1) Click here to send an electronic message to your elected officials.

2) Use the language in this Action Alert to write an op-ed or letter to the editor in your local newspaper.

3) Participate in a town hall meeting with your elected officials and voice your concerns.

4) Invite your elected officials to see the good work going on at your parish, food pantry or Catholic Charities that is serving struggling, poor and hungry people.

5) To set up an appointment at a local office, click on the following to find contact information:

Find Your Representative’s Contact Info

Find Your Senators’ Contact Info


Thank you for your advocacy and dedication!


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