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The Rural Life Prayer Book: A Meaningful Gift

Catholic Rural Life • March 10, 2016


12722517_10207499839808136_2033127888_oAs Easter approaches, and many parishes’ First Holy Communion and Confirmation on its heels, consider The Rural Life Prayer Book as a meaningful, spiritually enriching gift.

First published in 1956, the prayer book is an extraordinary example of how rural life endures.  Full of blessings for things central to the life of a farmer (barns, sick animals, sprouting seeds, etc.), it shows a genuine understanding of the timelessness of rural communities.

The prayer book also encourages the celebration of the liturgical year, with specific prayers for Advent, Lent, All Saints & Souls, and other moments in the Church’s calendar.

For those who are more rural at heart than address, there are blessings for objects universal to our survival and happiness, including eggs, bread, and bacon.

Yes.  Bacon.  Delicious, blessed bacon.

The book is small enough to easily fit in a glove box or purse, and beautifully bound to ensure a place of honor on your bookshelves.  It’s sturdy, so it can be kept right there in your kitchen, to whisper a quick prayer of blessing and thanksgiving as you make your family’s meals, or brought out to the fields to give thanks to God for all His bounty.

An excellent gift, for holidays, for First Holy Communion or Confirmation, and for graduation, it will surely be a treasured possession.

Click here to order your copy now.


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