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CCHD Collection Supports Rural Life Outreach and Grants to Combat Rural Poverty

Catholic Rural Life • November 20, 2013


CCHD Collection Supports Rural Life Outreach and Grants to Combat Rural Poverty


4x5.inddThe U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s parish collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is slated for November 23-24. The collection is taken up in parishes and dioceses nationwide and is the primary source of funding for CCHD’s anti-poverty grants and education programs. Twenty five percent of the proceeds support anti-poverty projects in the (arch)diocese where the funds are collected.

These programs enable low-income people to join together to identify problems, make decisions and improve their communities. For over 40 years, CCHD has funded organizations that address the root causes of poverty, providing lasting solutions for the future.

During the 2012-2013 grant cycle, the campaign gave out 214 grants in community and economic development, totaling more than $9 million. Of these grants, 178 went to community development and 36 went to economic development and job creation projects. Additionally, 10 grants were given in the category of technical assistance.

Through a partnership with CCHD, Catholic Rural Life has helped rural groups clarify CCHD guidelines and provide application coaching throughout the nearly 12-month long application process. CLR assisted the Workers Justice Center of Eastern Iowa, a coalition of workers and institutional allies train and support workers to know their rights (wage theft), advocate for fair treatments/policies, and provide leadership training. They are a start up organization and were awarded a national grant for a community organizer in 2013.

CRL also assisted the Catholic Charities of Salina, Kansas as they combat rampant Pay-Day lending. The Kansas Loan Pool was created to provide short-term affordable microloans financial education, and peer leadership circles for low-income households in five rural counties. The Loan Pool has received a two CCHD grants to fund a Coordinator along with costs to expand the program. The Loan Pool model was featured at a Catholic Charities USA national conference and CCHD workshop at the Catholic Charities USA event in Sept. 2013. Read more about CRL’s assistance and rural CCHD success stories. 


How can you help?

Give generously to the CCHD Collection in your parish on Nov. 23 and 24th or donate online. 

Give now to help CRL assist rural community groups defend human dignity and take poverty off of the map.


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