The Winners of the Archbishop Edwin V. O’Hara Award

By Catholic Rural Life on December 18, 2018


We are happy to congratulate the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Jackson, Minnesota as the 2018 recipients of Catholic Rural Life’s Archbishop Edwin V. O’Hara Award! To read more about the Religious Sisters and their work in Jackson, click here.

This award recognizes priests, religious or laypersons who have excelled in service and advocacy to rural communities in the spirit and tradition of Archbishop Edwin V. O’Hara (1881-1956) who founded Catholic Rural Life in 1923.

As a priest, O’Hara was passionate about rural life, social justice and the spiritual formation of Catholics. He eventually became the Archbishop of Kansas City and was a creative, original voice in the American Church whose legacy continues in the voices of leaders befitting this award.

To submit a nomination for the 2019 Archbishop Edwin V. O’Hara Award, click here.

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